In the Steps of George Newman and Beyond

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Author: GN - George Newman; DW - Dail Whiting

Illustrations and maps

Foreword to the First Edition by Nick Redman

Introduction - DW

George Newman, a brief biography - DW

Wateringbury Revisited or Fifty Years Ago by George Newman, from the first series published in 1902

Bow Road from the Station to Phoenix Brewery - DW

The Leney Family and the Phoenix Brewery - DW

Warden Mill and Mill Pond - DW

The Fremlins of Warden House - DW

The Cage and Stocks - GN

Lockup and new stocks as they are today - DW

The Jude family and the Kent Brewery - DW

The National School - GN

Mr Stiles the Schoolmaster - GN

Pelican Farm - GN

Notes to Pelicans and the origin of the name - DW

Clergy and the Church - GN

Notes to the Church and Stained-glass Windows - GN

Further notes to the  age of the church and stained-glass - DW

A Celebrated Sundial - GN

An Ancient Court - GN

The Dumb Borsholder of Chart - DW

Further Notes on the Dumb Borsholder of Chart - GN

Wateringbury Place - GN

Matthias Prime Lucas, a brief biography - DW

Memorials and Epitaphs - GN

A Missing History - GN

Book Boys and Hop Picking - GN

A Mysterious Wood - GN

Wateringbury Hall - DW

Mereworth Castle - DW

An Old Friend - GN

To My Old School Fellow William Featherstone Jnr. - GN

Letter and additional material published in the Kent Messenger between Series One and Two

Letter from W. James Dray, including ‘Description of a storm’ by Edward Greensted, Wateringbury - GN

George Newman’s response to W. James Dray’s letter, including ‘Edward Greensted’s Talented Daughter’

Wateringbury Revisited or Fifty Years Ago by George Newman, from the second series published in 1904

Main Road Inhabitants, South Side, East to West - GN

Notes to Upper Mill Farm, Rose Cottage and May Lodge - DW

Orpines, its architect and early occupants - DW

Main Road inhabitants, North Side, East to West - GN

Rev Robert Earle’s School - GN

The Newman Family - GN

Brother Alfred - GN

Harriot Manser the Carrier’s Wife - GN

John King’s Hat and the Bonfire - GN

Letter from Harold King Relating to John and Mercy King - GN

Extracts from “Farewell to Wateringbury”

by Mrs Mercy King, 1856 - GN

Edward Ongley: A Dear Friend - GN

Canons, or Canon Court - DW

Letters and Further Recollections Published in the Kent Messenger as Series Three and Four in 1905 - GN

Mrs Mary Yelverton Lancaster Lucas - GN

Letter from Mr Allwork Relating to Mr Freeman and Others - GN

Letters of Appraisal - GN

A Tribute from Clarissa McClune - GN

Unusual Weather - GN

George Newman’s Epilogue

The Old Home - GN

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