Centenary of the Great War

1914 - 1918

Wateringbury School War Memorial Following the closure of the old Wateringbury school on Red Hill, the school’s War Memorial was removed and put into storage. It was later refurbished and now hangs in the church vestry. The memorial was erected by scholars, staff, old boys & friends to record the names of all the old boys and masters who served in H.M.Forces, and those who lost their lives during the Great War. The brass centre plate, headed “Roll of Honour”, commemorates thirty-six men who lost their lives’. The two wooden panels, either side of the Roll of Honour, record 213 names of those who served but returned home safely. The two smaller outer side panels record the names of eleven men who lost their lives in World War II. Of the thirty-six men commemorated on the School Roll of Honour, twenty-three are also commemorated on the 1914-18 Church War Memorial. As in the church booklet, the sources of information used to help identify the men listed below included birth and marriage records, various census returns, a list of names with ranks and regiments from the Order of Service for the inauguration of the Church War Memorial, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and "Soldiers Died in the Great War". The D.C.M. citation for Rifleman Arthur Jessup was obtained from his regiment’s museum. The entry for each man records his personal details, with some family background, service details including a badge, enlistment and circumstances of death as recorded by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and ‘Soldiers Died in the Great War’. Depending on the availability of data, the amount of information varies from man to man. In the case of Frederick Costin, there were two Frederick Costins who attended Wateringbury School. Both boys were called Frederick Walter. One of them was killed in the war and the other survived it, but is not named on one of the side panels. More detail is given under their names. There appears to be a mystery surrounding Jack Ladams’ name. Notes are given under his name. In the case of Tom Smith, only his rank, regiment and some family background is known. The thirty six men commemorated on the School War Memorial are listed below. Those marked with the symbol † are also commemorated on the church memorial. The 213 names of those who served but returned home safely follow the Roll of Honour below.

Wateringbury WWI Memorial Booklets

School War Memorial Roll of Honour
Adams, Fred Adams, Percy Bowles, Thomas Burrluck, George Buss, Robert Butchers, William Costin, Fred Cruttenden, Frank Dumbrell, John Fuller, Percy Gunner, Alfred Gurr, Fred Head, (William) Charles Head, Robert Heath, Richard Jessup, Arthur Jukes, Arthur Ladams, Jack real name Jury, John Thomas
Large, Charles Larkin, William Latter, Fred Main, Bert Martin, Charles Martin, Fred Maytum, Walter Neeves, Walter Newman, Lewis Ralph, Robert Relf, Fred Sales, Ernest Smith, Lewis Smith, Tom Wallond, Harry Weller, Thomas Wells, James Woolley, Fred
The men marked with a † are also on the Church War Memorial
Wateringbury School pupils who served in the war and returned home
A Acott, George Acott, John Acott, William Adams, Albert Adams, Levi Adams, Wm A Allen, Albert Andrew, Harry Andrews, William, Ashbee, Percy Avis, Bert Avis, John Ayling, James Ayling, Walter B Baker, Harry Baker, Sidney Barnden, John Barndsen, Joe Barnden, Tom Barton, Sidney Bateman, Herbert Beal, Charles Bell, Alfred Bell, Edward Bentley, Percy Bish, Ernest Bishop, F M Bodington, John Bourne, Fred Bowles, Francis Bowles, Jack Bristow, Tom Brooker, Joseph Brooker, William Brooks, Arthur Brotherwood, Charles Burrluck, Arthur Burrluck, Fred Burrluck, Jack Burrluck, William Butchers, Charles C Cartwright, Charles Cartwright, Harold Clements, George Clements, William Coleman, Harold Coleman, Oliver Coomber, Horace Coomber, William Costin, George Court, Felix Crayford, Arthur Crockford, Herbert Crockford, William Cronk, John Curd, Albert Curd, Earle Curd, Ernest Curd, James Curd, Thomas Curd, Walter D Damon, Stanley Dann, Edmund Dann, William Davis, George Dean, James Denyer, Herbert Driver, Herbert Dumbrill, Sidney E Ellis, Tom F Fillery, George Foster, William G Gibbs, Thomas Goodwin, Victor Gregory, Harry Grigsby, Charles Gurr, George Gurr, John H Hammond, Cyril Hamshire, Leonard Harris, Montague Hawes, George Head, George Head, Harry Heath, Ernest Heath, William Holder, Fred Holder, Percy Hollands, Arthur Hook, David Hook, Henry Hook, Robert Hook, Robert A Hook, William Horscroft, Jack Humphrey, Herbert Humphrey, William J Jackson, Reginald Jacobs, Edward Johnson, Reginald Jukes, Ernest Jukes, Frank K King, Alfred R King, Charles D King, Frank King, Harold King, Herbert King, Percy Kingsworth, Henry Kirby, Edward L Ladams, James (real name Jury) Ladams, Walter (real name Jury) Lankstead, George Lankstead, Richard Large, Lewis Large, Tom Latter, Alfred Latter, Bert Latter, Charles Latter, Edgar Latter, Frederick Latter, Harry Latter, Leonard Latter, Norman Latter, Sidney Latter, William Lawrence, Henry Leonard, Sidney Luxford, Frank M Mace, Ernest Mace, Fred Mace, George Main, Leonard Martin, Alec Martin, Fred Martin, Harry Martin, Thomas May, Jesse Maytum, George Maytum, Thomas Merrall, Albert Merrall, Fred Milstead, Walter Milstead, William Monger, Arthur N Neale, Robert Newick, Charles Newman, Fred Newman, Frederick P Page, Henry Page Percy Palmer, Lewin Palmer, Roland Pearson, Herbert Pickett, Bert Pickett, Horace Pierce, Henry Prentice, William R Ralph, Bert Ralph, Thomas Ralph, William Randall, Alfred Randall, Bert Randall, George Randall, Harold Randall, James Randall, William Relf, Arthur Relf, Harry Relf, Matthew S Sales, George Sales, Henry Sales, Naylor Saunders, James Sharpe, Jack Sharpe, Stephen Smelford, William Shrimpton, Arthur Shrimpton, Ernest Shrimpton, Jack Skinner, William Smith, Alfred Smith, Charles Smith, Ernest R Smith, Frank Smith, Horace Smith, Hubert Smith, Leonard Smith, Nevile Smith, Richard Smith, Tom Spice, Ernest Spice, Fred T Tilly, George Thompsett, George U Udall, Gaius Underhill, Charles Underhill, Edward Underhill, George W Watson, J E Weller, Henry Weller, Walter Weller, William Wells, George Wells, Horace Wells, Howard Wells, Thomas Whiffen, Harold Wickham, Harold Wickham, Edward Wickham, Fred Wood, Fred
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