Centenary of the Great War 1914-18

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Wateringbury WWI Memorial Booklets

St John the Baptist Wateringbury

War Memorial

There are forty-one men named on the 1914-1918 war memorial in Wateringbury church. The sources of information used to help identify these men included birth and marriage records, various census returns, a list of names with ranks and regiments from the Order of Service for the inauguration of the Church War Memorial, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and "Soldiers Died in the Great War".  The two D.C.M. citations were obtained from the relevant regimental museums.

The entry for all but two men records his personal details, with some family background, service details including a badge, enlistment and circumstances of death as recorded by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and ‘Soldiers Died in the Great War’.

Depending on the availability of data, the amount of information varies from man to man.

Adams, Frederick

Adams, Percy

Bowles, Thomas Richard

Butchers, William Thomas

Cheesman, Henry Basil

Cowlard, William John

Cronk, Alfred

Cruttenden, Frank

Datlen, George Edward

Dawson, Charles James

Gunner, Alfred

Head, Robert Arthur

Head, William Charles

Hearn, George

Heath, Richard

Herbert, Albert Thomas

Hodge, Arthur Henry

James, Ernest (or Edward) Albert

Jessup, Arthur

Jukes, Arthur

Jury, John Thomas

aka Ladams, Jack

Men commemorated on the Church War Memorial

Large, Charles Robert

Latter, Frederick Ernest

Leney, Bertram

Martin, Fred

Maytum, Walter Alfred

Mires, Arthur Henry

Neeves, Walter

Pearce, George Henry

Pearson, William Frank

Ralph, Robert Charles

Relf, Frederick

Rogers, Albert Charles

Sales, Ernest John

Smith, Lewis John

Smith, Tom

Stevens, Benjamin

Stevens, Henry Francis Bingham

Waghorn, Thomas Henry

Wells, James Edward

Winter, Charles

The men marked with a are also on the School War Memorial

In the case of Charles James Dawson, only his rank, regiment and date of death are known, and for Tom Smith, just his rank, regiment and some family background.

There appear to be a few discrepancies with some names on the War Memorial. Where these are found, an explanation is noted in the text.

The names concerned are:

William Thomas Butcher should be William Thomas Butchers

Ernest Albert James  should be Edward Albert James

Arthur Jessop  should be Arthur Jessup

Basil Henry Cheesman should be Henry Basil Cheesman

In the case of Private Benjamin Stevens, there is a discrepancy with his number. This is also noted in the text.

The forty one men commemorated on the Church War Memorial are listed below. Those marked with the symbol are also commemorated on the school memorial.

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