Centenary of the Great War

1914 - 1918

Wateringbury WWI Memorial Booklets

There are two memorials in Wateringbury commemorating the men who gave their lives in the first world war: St John the Baptist War Memorial which hangs in the north-east corner of the church and Wateringbury School War Memorial which now hangs in the church vestry Two Booklets have been produced giving details of the men commemorated on these memorials. They can be purchased from the church (£3 each) or ordered by post as detailed on the ‘Enquiries and Ordering’ page. All profits from the sale of these booklets will go to church funds. More information is available via the navigation bar above.
The following two Youtube links tell the story of an unofficial Christmas truce between some German and British troops. It began on Christmas Eve when the German troops decorated the area around their trenches and continued celebrating by singing Christmas carols, most notably Stille Nacht (Silent Night), with the British troops responding with English carols
This song was composed and sung by Mike Harding. It tells the story of the Christmas truce between some German and British troops which began on Christmas Eve, 1914.
This song was composed by Cormac MacConnell and sung by his brother Mickey. It represents the singer’s interpretation of the true events that happened on Christmas Day, 1914, between German and British troops.
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